About Us

Seaman International is an Argentine company, founded in 1994, with a mission to add value to Argentine Seafood exports and provide top quality service to the most important buyers of seafood in the world.

To achieve this, Seaman acts as buying agent of Frozen Seafood in Argentina for several big companies from around the world averaging about 5600 metric tons of exported products on a yearly basis.

Our customers are Manufacturers/Processors, Importers & Distributors (retail and food service business) from all over the world.

We have got some very long term ties in the Argentine seafood industry, with relations with more than 12 producers from Mar del Plata, Puerto Madryn ,Puerto Deseado and Ushuaia.

We cooperate with them not only in all aspects related to sales & marketing, but also in logistics, quality control, documentation and financing.

Seaman International is a long time member of the Ground Fish Forum and the Ground Fish Council providing relevant reports on the region Fisheries, and presenting the Argentine seafood situation in those venues .

Seaman has also been involved as consultant for several foreign company's projects and JV in Argentina.

More than 22 years of experience with a vast knowledge of international and local markets, and a commitment for excellence, makes Seaman International your perfect partner in Argentina.